so bc my mom was sick a couple nights ago i drove to el paso to make her fideo and ginger tea and take care of her

and the next morning after i took my littlest sister to school i was just hanging out in bed with my mom talking. she asked me what my housemate was studying and i told her they are examining trans* erotica esp. in regards to how we internalize oppression in desire. and she was like oh, is ______ trans? and i said ya, and also me too. we got real real. i talked to her about my gender shit and about how im kind of glad i never had access to/was too broke to start T when i was a teenager bc i was drawn to it for fucked up reasons 


about how when she first got her period she was hella depressed and heartbroken because she didn’t want to be a woman and wanted to just keep running around with her brothers and how she really struggled with it

and omg that’s never how i imagined coming out to my mom or how she’d recieve it but pretty much im so blessed huh? ty virgencita 5eva